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What a Great Training Seminar

I am a customer service representative for a very large phone company. As part of my training, my manager likes to send me to whatever type of seminar that is offered. We were so excited to go to the camp negotiation institute where we were allowed to learn how to upsell to our current customers without being too forward and pushy.

I was hoping that I was going to be easy to train and I tink I was. Instead of working with other people on my sales skills, the training manager actually asked me to go up and demonstrate my skills since he said he heard so many good things about me from my manager.

I was very humbled but honored that I would be asked to show people how to handle customers. I have a degree in communications from college and I have been working in customer service for fifteen years. By choice, I decided that I was going to have to start taking up some of the promotions offered by the president of our company.

Although I am over qualified for my job, I feel like I am very comfortable collecting all the money I am. I do not feel like I am working and I even have customers that call and ask for me by name because they feel like I have helped them so much.

My co workers are not allowed to transfer calls to me but they make a special exception for me since I have been working at the company for so long. I even have to train the managers as to what makes a good call great and how to turn around an angry customer. I usually have to help the managers and supervisors when there are a lot of angry calls from other service representatives.

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